Tobias in Jönköping, Sweden

Here we have acoustic panels in the size 75*100 in the home of Tobias in Jönköping. Two panels, side by side, with an image from our database called “Creepy Road” and one Sin City and one Sweeney Todd. The placement is carefully selected in order to dampen the reflections along the back and side walls, both when it comes to firsthand reflections from the front and back speakers.
Do click on the image and zoom in it for a closer look.
Tobias himself says:
”The acoustic difference is primarily noticeable in the higher frequencies since the panels has removed the ”screamy” effects, but the bass has also become a bit more tight and sounds better.”

Tobias Home Movie System also consists of:
Pre and power amp: Rotel RSP-1570, RMB-1565
Blu-Ray player: Oppo BDP-83
Speakers: M&K 750 THX
Sub: M&K MX-250

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