Sound absorber with parrot and a parrot - Tobias in Stockholm

Tobias has improved the acoustics in several areas with products from Sounds Of Science. One of the images we printed for him on a Hertz 75*100 was of his parrot “Kiwi” which is of the species “Mjölnar Amazon”. When Tobias wrote to us, after the installation, and told us how good looking it was we asked him to take an image where both the absorber and Kiwi is visible at the same time.
Tobias went at it but since Kiwi is only four years old (this species can be up to 80 years old – something else we learned) she was not overly enthusiastic about sitting still and thus Tobias had to try and take her picture with one hand and hold her with the other.

Well, so the images are not exactly horizontally aligned, but the more pleasant and nice. With a personal greeting from Kiwi! 🙂

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