Daniel from Stockholm - acoustic panels

When Daniel does something he does it big. He decided to do something about the echoes in his livingroom and the solution was six Hertz, side by side, over which we printed a mountain image. This acoustic panels thus ended up being 120*360 cm. On each side of this you will also find four SuperChunk Corner with images from the Platoon and Lord Of The Rings.
And the result? Here in Daniel´s own words:

I was speechless. All the bad echoes (both low and high) were gone and the bass was real tight down to the subsonic frequencies. The treble was also real sweet – so everything from classic music to hiphop to pop is now awewome!

When it comes to movie music the audio was powerful and I went through all my favourites and was mightly surprised. Can it really sound that good?!?! It is almost impossible to understand how four corner absorbers can make such a difference for the bass. It was better than buying two new subs. I cranked the volume up higher than normal and felt how my sofa and everything pulsated from the bass but the bad sound was gone, leaving only stright nice frequencies.
Do you want to see what it looks like with only LED ambient lighing?

The rest of Daniel´s system consists of:
Centre speaker: Canton Vento 856 Center
Speaker Front: Canton Vento Reference 7 DC
Speaker Back: Canton Vento Reference 9 DC
TV: LG 60PZ950W
Surround: Marantz AV7005
Amplifier: Onkyo PA-MC5500
Sub base: Velodyne DD-15 (2 pcs)

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