Daniel - Sound absorbers with LED ambient lighting

 These images are dark because the light is off and yes, you are correct: It is the same absorbers that you have already seen in this gallery but we believe they are worth their own gallery when the lights are off.
Since both Hertz and SuperChunk Corner (SCC) is made in such a fashion that they have an air column behind them you can not only hide cables and stuff there but also put ambient lights there. This is something Daniel has done and this is how he did it:
“I fastened blue pear-shaped 6×1 W 365 nm LED:s behind the SCC:s and connected it to the others to a central point so they were all lit together.”
“Behind the Hertz absorbers there are a long series of LED flourescents with 370 nm blue wavelength. 7 pieces of 38 cm each. It was actually a bit too much so I had to turn them downwards so most of the light ended up behind the absorbers.
Really good looking and real nice when eating popcorn and watching a movie when the lights are off because you can still see without ruining the movie image 🙂 “
A lesson learned here is maybe that one does not have to have too many LED’s to get a good effect!

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