Camira Cara and acrylic print SC bass absorber

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When the soft surface of your choice of Camira Cara meets the hard surface of our vibrant CNC cutacrylic print. Configurable with all our Camira Cara in combination with many different prints.

This panel is for HiFi-listening and Home Cinema environments when there is a need to absorb a broad range of frequencies without focusing solely on the high frequencies. One typical use for these is behind the HiFi speakers in order to avoid echoes from the wall to disturb the speaker and to absorb firsthand reflections as the product is engineered to focus on the frequencies that are on the lower end of the direct frequency scale. For the indirect (low) frequencies we recommend SuperChunk Corner. An added bonus when putting a SuperChunk between the speaker and the back wall is that lots less of the sound waves will hit the back wall and thus it will decrease the amount of energy travelling through to your neighbour.

The product itself is 6.3 centimetres thick and when using the special SuperChunk SOFSCI wall mounting system there will be 5 cm air gap between the product and the wall – greatly increasing its effectiveness. It is installed the same way as our Hertz model, with the exception for the wall part that is thicker.

Specifications Camira:
100% Polyolefin
Abrasion Resistance:
Grade A tested in accordance with EN 14465:2003
BS EN 1021-1 Cigarette
BS 476 Part 7 Class 1
Vacuum regularly. Wipe clean using a damp cloth or shampoo using proprietary upholstery shampoo. 

Environmentally friendly and recyclable. Read more here!

All our products has Sound absorption class A and our tests can be downloaded in their entity. Read more here!

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