Fridhemskolan in Sweden

 In the refurbishment and renovation of Fridhemskolan, Sounds of Science has had a key role to solve varying acoustic problems.

Recording studio with control room, extra high demands on reproduction, which also required on-site optimized solutions. Superchunks and Superchunk Corner along with slat absorbers and scattering elements.

In the school’s major music halls, Hertz panels has been mounted on walls together with large diffusers and acoustic draperies: Thus creating the opportunity to optimize the room’s sound. Depending on whether rock music or chamber music is performed different demands are made.

In addition to music education at the school, pre-primary and lower secondary school activities are conducted. Classrooms and group rooms were provided with Hertz panels in school colors. In the group rooms we can show off a new product that is our round absorbers. These are available with 60 and 80cm diameter.

Our Hertz with Felt can be used as a message board. In a classroom, all surfaces are important and need effective solutions. Therefore, our products are also A-rated with the best possible performance.

The school has also built a “black box”. A black box is used as a rehearsal area and for performing theater with custom acoustics and lighting. Here, sound-absorbing drapes and slat absorbers are place built and tastefully colored. The slat absorber has a hard surface and is used for low frequencies and the drapes for the high frequencies. This provides a balanced sound and is adaptable for the purpose.

The school’s dance and gym needed both Hertz and a specially designed roof for the best results. The ceiling was custom designed to absorb and scatter the sound. In addition to that, several building moments could be saved through wise dimensions and choices. The ceiling solution covers approximately 300 sq.m.

In addition to delivering nearly 700 absorbents, Sounds of Science has delivered on site-built acoustic elements. This in the form of slat absorbers, diffusers and dampening drapes. We have delivered expertise in the design and construction of custom-built solutions. Solutions in consultation with architects and construction companies.


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