Vesa in Oulu, Finland

 Here are a couple of SuperChunk Corner with beige Camira cloth mounted in the ceiling – which is a very good placement since that part of the room is seldom used for anything else. Vesa also has a couple more SCC:s in the back corner and beige Hertz on the back wall, as you can see in the below photos. This is how it increased the value of Vesas overall HiFi system, in his own words:
“The Hertz panels on the back wall improved the stereo imaging quite a lot. They also killed most of the annoying flutter echo in the room. The SCCs reduced the “boominess” of ~50-200 Hz range quite a bit. I’m using Anti-Mode DSP to flatten the worst peaks in the bass response. Now with the SCCs in place that DSP is still useful but should it get broken it would not be a huge loss anymore.

I’m in the process of replacing most of my gear, especially the speakers (with Genelecs most likely). After installing the Hertz panels and those SCCs the most urgent pressure for change is gone. My old set of speakers from 90’s sound better than ever!”
Now, we at SOFSCI are especially happy about that last part because that is spot on what a comparatively small investment in acoustics is all about. Not only does it bring out the best of your current system but should you choose to upgrade, one day in the future, it contintues to bring out the best of the new stuff as well. It is an investment that lasts!

The rest of Vesa’s system consists of:
Receiver: Harman Kardon DPR-1005
Speakers: JBL LX series: LX 20 as fronts, LX 1 Center as center and LX 1 Rear as rears
Subwoofer: Genelec 7060B
Display: Panasonic 42″ plasma
Source: PS3 backed up by Philips BDP7500 MK II Blu-ray player.
DSP for bass modes: DSpeaker Anti-Mode 8033.

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