Mikael from Stockholm

Mikael got himself two Hertz 75*100 with an image from our database in order to put them behind the speakers. This resulted that he could move the speakers in towards the wall, while maintaing the same audio quality. He also has a black Camira SuperChunk Corner in the right corner, behind the computer. Mikael himself writes:
“Yes, Hertz really deserves top grades, they do very well behind the speakers, surely an alternative to the thicker SuperChunk you are selling. Although it might have been even better with those one has to make compromises when not living alone =) I also notice a difference with only one SCC, even if it is not dramatic, but with one more in the other corner it will be really good, or good enough 🙂 “

The rest of Mikael´s system consists of:
Speaker: Canton Reference 9.2 DC
TV: Panasonic Viera TX-P55VT30Y
Sub base: SVS PB12-NSD / XTZ 99 W10.16
Speaker mounts: Canton LS 850

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