SP Test and Certification/Technical Data

The product itself is 4.5 centimetres thick and when using the SOFSCI wall mounting system there will be 2.5 cm air gap between the product and the wall – greatly increasing its effectiveness. There is no plywood or similar on the back which allows for an increased effectiveness when using the SOFSCI Wall mounting system or other kind of wall spacers.

Hertz is made out of roughly 80% totally organic wood fibre and 20% pure polyester. No glue is used neither in the materials nor in the assembly process itself, which makes it very easy to recycle.

Sounds Of Science´s sound absorbers are all developed together with, as well as tested and certified by, a leading international research institute and accredited lab in Sweden called SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Hertz scored the highest sound absorption class which is “A”.

Human speech consists of everything from low (250 Hz) to high (3000 Hz) frequencies. If you install a thin absorber directly against the wall you will only take care of one out of two problems: speech will sound better (that is the high frequencies being removed) but the real reason of installing sound absorbers are the low part of the speech, because that is what gives you a headache and makes you very tired. And no thin absorber directly against the wall will ever take care of those. So with something thin it might sound as if it did the trick but the employees will still suffer. So when investing in sound absorbers in order to increase productivity it is vital to make sure you get something that is tough enough for those low frequencies or else it is money down the drain.

(Test protocol PX15157-05, dated August 31, 2011)

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