Jani, Helsinki - Sound absorbers in the ceiling

Jani from Finland decided to use the free space that often exists up in between the ceiling and the wall och here are his own photos from the installation of these sound absorbers. For more specific installation guidance please see here.
A good tool to have is the one you see in this image. You also need a drill and maybe also a ladder or similar.

Here are the wall mounts being fastened in the holes that was just measured and drilled. The holes are 23 cm perpendicular from the edge of the wall and the ceiling. Screws and plugs are always included in the kit.

All the wall mounts are now in place and all that is left is to hang the sound absorbers on them, in this case white SuperChunk Corner.

And the final result! Up in the ceiling are four white SCC sound absorbers: Maximum usage of the room space. Jani has placed Hertz sound absorbers behind the speakrs and behind those are LED:s. You will also find Hertz on the side wall, highly effective against those firsthand reflections.

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