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Sound absorber with print

The print reproduces colour in full detail and with high resolution and is overall very pleasant, warm and matt. The canvas is finely knitted and is coloured through with sublimation technique, which means that the print is heated into the fibres. This is the canvas that is used in the finest and most expensive acoustic prints.

For images that you yourself contribute with these are the smallest resolutions needed for our standard sizes (alternatively providing it in Vector, since then it is fully scaleable):

75 x 100 - 2126 x 2835
60 x 120 - 1701 x 3402
100 x 150 - 2835 x 4252
120 x 120 - 3402 x 3402
120 x 180 - 3402 x 5102

Environmentally friendly and recyclable. Read more here!

All our products has Sound absorption class A and our tests can be downloaded in their entity. Read more here!