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Preschool / School

 Sound absorbers for day care, kindergartens, shools. Sound absorption Class A!

The sound level in a kindergarten or a school can easily get quite high and disturbing, while there are many things competing for the available wall space. That is why we have now, together with kindergarten professionals, developed a series of pedagogical designs for our Class A Certified sound absorbers. Thus you need not compromise between the sound environment and the pedagogical. And the children loves them!

The designs are developed in cooperation with preschool professionals and are printed on our A-rated wall panel, which should be quite a unique combination. No compromises, in other words. But our work does not stop here, should you have your own wishes then we would love to hear about them and chances are quite big we can make it happen. We do not believe that we are the best at what design that fits in your workplace and therefore we want to work with you to bring out the very best and most educational material.

So do not hesitate to contact us, so that together we can develop the educational materials, the colors and the most playful and happy material for your environment.

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