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MOON sound absorber

Sound absorbing panel MOON is inspired by the uneven surface of the moon. It really stands out in any environment!

  • the 3-dimensional structure of the surface supports and amplifies the functionality of the panels
  • the exterior of the panel is industrial felt, made out of 90% wool and 10% polyester
  • inside is a mixture of different fibres pressed together as a panel
  • no glue is used either in the materials or in the assembly process, which makes the panels very easy to recycle
  • sound absorbers are all tested and certified with sound absorption class “A“ (the highest) at a leading international research institute SP - Technical Research Institute of Sweden

NB! As the materials used for panel covering are natural, some variations may occur in color shades!

Environmentally friendly and recyclable. Read more here!

All our products has Sound absorption class A and our tests can be downloaded in their entity. Read more here!