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Camira Cara sound absorber

This panel is highly effective for conference rooms, open offices, restaurants, schools and any environment where you need to have a good sound environment. Also perfect for limiting first-hand reflections in your HiFi or Home Cinema room.

The product itself is 4.5 centimetres thick and when using the SOFSCI wall mounting system there will be 2.5 cm air gap between the product and the wall - greatly increasing its effectiveness.

Specifications Camira:
100% Polyolefin
Abrasion Resistance:
Grade A tested in accordance with EN 14465:2003
BS EN 1021-1 Cigarette
BS 476 Part 7 Class 1
Vacuum regularly. Wipe clean using a damp cloth or shampoo using proprietary upholstery shampoo. 

Environmentally friendly and recyclable. Read more here!

All our products has Sound absorption class A and our tests can be downloaded in their entity. Read more here!