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Christian, Stockholm - Home Theater with acoustic panels and broadband bass absorbers.

Christian has created a fantastic Home Theater and we are more than proud to be able to say that we´ve contributed. In this image you can see Ironman and Spiderman with a colourful print on the Hertz 75*100 acoustic panel. In total Christian installed three Hertz, two SuperChunk and two SuperChunk Corner and regarding the result this is Christian´s own words:
"I have installed acoustic panels and broadband bass absorbers from Sounds Of Science in the room and the difference was amazing. In front we have SuperChunk for the firsthand reflections and in the corners you will find SuperChunk Corner. On the back wall, and in between the windows, there are three Hertz acoustic panels. The sound became more focused and the flutter echoes are gone, now it feels like standing in a silent forest. A nice place to be as a parent of small children :)"

This is what Christians Home Theater looks like when standing by the home cinema projection screen. Note the cool machinist´s room, where you cannot only find the projector but also movies, candy and popcorn. For a more detailed study of how Christian built this room from the ground up please have a look here.
Here´s a view from the Home Theater seating. Makes you jealous, does it not?

And this is what the rest of the system consists of:
Surround speakers: Mirage os3
Front speakers: 3 st Amphion Argon 3
Center speakers: 1 st Amphion Argon 3
Subwoofer: 2 stycken NHT U2 evolution
Cinama projection screen: Grandview

And this is the entrance: Enormously inviting! Note that even the door got SuperChunk´d.