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We have a very clear environmental profile: All our products shall be recyclable and made out of environmentally friendly materials.

We use screws and clambers when we put our products together. No glue or similar anywhere. This way they can easily be taken apart and re-used. Even such things as our pallets are constructed by us screwing them together, rather than the ordinary nailing. Therefore they are easy to take apart and the planks can be used again.

Environmentally friendly materials:
For our wall absorbers and floor screens we use a material made out of recycled textile, which has been compressed to a high density. This material can of course be recycled and re-used again and again and again. It is also unsurpassed from an acoustical perspective since it by nature consists of fibers of various sizes and strengths, which just increases its efficiency.
When it comes to our bass absorber (SuperChunk Corner - SCC) it is made out of wood fiber of a very high density. This wood fiber is held together by its own resin and nothing else.