Matti from Helsinki

Matti enjoys the finer things in life which is why we can find a lovely image from our database printed over three pieces of Hertz 60*120 panels on the wall protecting from firsthand reflections.
As can be appreciated from the photo of his listening room furnished with a very comfortable looking sofa and a pair of high-end speakers, Matti undoubtedly recognises something good when he hears it. He was very impressed both by the looks and the result of our Hertz acoustic panels.

Matti writes:

“So I knew I could expect results. However, I came to believe by listening, that this is one of those cases where you don’ t fully realise what you’ ve been missing until you try.”
We could not have said it better ourselves. Acoustics are a vital part of your system.

He concludes, that “money invested in room acoustics no doubt pays dividends in much improved sound, which is not easily -if at all- achievable by other means.”

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